05 Jul Hairstory

We all have our own Hairstory. I listen to them in detail behind the chair of my beloved clients every day. Especially the curly heads. Those curls have a story. I believe that listening to those very stories is what really gives me an edge as a stylist specializing in curls and waves.  I depend on it to learn the head and work with its uniqueness. There is a story of words, textures, and growth patterns. I love it!
So when Michael Gordon of Bumble and Bumble broke off and started a new company called Hairstory my ears perked up. My friends Elkin Chacon and his wife Sheila invited me to an introduction to the company at their salon which was open to only a few selected independent stylists who, like Michael Gordon, have bravely broken away from the mothership and started their own small business forum with new, progressive products and thinking. I was not only flattered I was absolutely all in!
Learning about the product line was relieving and like a breath of fresh air to me. There are only four products to the whole line. Four!!!! They have no chemicals, no detergents, no perfumes, no gimmicks. I am in heaven. I was, at this point in my career, so drained by having to choose from thousands of products that I began to choose nothing. My clients know this well. I am the worst at product sales because there is just too many that all do the same thing with gouging prices.
I tried the product and loved it. Next I got a big empty box and went through my shower, bathroom cupboards, and hall closet and threw EVERYTHING out and replaced it with 3 pieces of Hairstory. I couldn’t be more happy, and after 6 months of using the products I was so impressed that I put it up on my own website for my clients to purchase.
Hairstory. Try it! I recommend nothing else.