Professional Hair Extensions in Folsom and San Francisco

Thicker, fuller, or longer hair immediately!


Kat Kern is the premier Multi Method Technician in hair extensions and toppers in the San Francisco and now Folsom locations. Kat has years of experience providing professional hair extensions with several different options to choose from. Extensions can easily give you the look you’re after by allowing you to add color without dealing with any harsh chemicals that come from dyes.


Kat keeps up to date on all the latest extension and topper trends, styles, and techniques. At Kat Kern Hair Design, you can get bonded, beaded (including NBR), tape-in, clip-in, or sew-in extensions for seamlessly blended results. All of Kat’s hair extension services come with care lessons to teach you how to properly maintain your extensions. You will also receive one touch-up or adjustment appointment between installs.


Professional Hair Extensions
All extension work pricing is determined after a consultation. Extension types offered include bonded Keratin tips, tape-in, beaded, and clip-in and wefts. Keratin bond hair extensions typically last 3-4 months. Tape-in lasts 6-8 weeks. Beaded varies with client hair texture. Beaded and tape-in hair extensions are reusable. Assorted techniques, textures, and colors are available. Some installations may require a haircut for blending. A free consultation appointment is required before installation to determine the best extension type choice and pricing for you. Deposit required.


Clip-In Extensions

Clip-in hair extensions are a must-have in your hair repertoire. They are a hassle-free way to achieve full, beautiful hair. Great for special events or evening wear. Also work well as a ponytail addition for that think fountain pony rather than the skinny ponytail at the gym. These extensions take no time at all to put in, they won’t damage your hair, and they look great from day one. Kat uses only high-quality Remy hair extensions from assorted manufacturers to give you the most customized, natural, and seamless look that can be used again and again. If you have purchased your own box of clip-in extensions, you can bring them to your appointment, and Kat will customize them to perfectly fit your head. With every clip-in extension installation, Kat will teach you how to properly put them in and take them out. Typically, one box of clip-ins can be made into two different sets, allowing you to select various lengths and styles that will last for years to come.


Hair Toppers

Do you have fine or thinning hair on top? Hair topper extensions add instant fullness to give your hair a beautiful, seamless look. If you have ever dreamed of having thick or blunt-styled bangs but just didn’t have the right hair for the look, topper extensions are for you! Toppers and bangs can easily give you the look you have always dreamed of. These will be a great new accessory to add to your repertoire of gorgeous, varied hair styles and extreme style looks.


Keratin Bonds

For those with hair loss or thinning hair, keratin bond hair extensions are an excellent way to achieve more volume. Bonded hair is real hair, so you’ll get a stunning, natural look that can last for up to 6 months.


Natural Beaded Weft Extensions

Another fun, natural-looking solution for thinning hair is beaded weft hair extensions. These extensions are held in by small, hidden beads that require no glue or tape. Weft extensions come in lightweight or thick varieties as well as straight or wavy and can be quickly sewn in. Removal is even quicker. If you have your weft extensions maintained every 8-10 weeks, the same hair weft can be used for more than a year.



Any hair type, including fine and or thinning hair loss, are great candidates for this extension option. Tape-In is Kat’s favorite Extension option in her Multi-Method repertoire for a quick, affordable as well as a thick and finished look that is often not achievable with your natural hair. Tape-In Remy Hair extensions utilize an adhesive tape and offer easy removal and reapplication without stressing the hair follicle with the weight and/or removal of other options. They need to be changed out every 6 weeks and the same hair can be used up to 3 times. These are very customizable and a favorite in Kat’s Hair Studio, they’re an absolute game changer!