Professional Hair Loss Solutions in Folsom and San Francisco

Empowering Your Strands with Effective Hair Loss Remedies


Have you noticed your hair thinning out? If you have, it’s been happening for quite some time already. Let’s stop it in its tracks right now! Kat provides a comfortable and affordable alternative to Hair Loss Clubs for your hair thinning needs.


There are a number of reasons hair loss happens and it is best to get it properly assessed. You need to attend to noticeably thinning hair right away and Kat is here to help! She provides a refined and well researched repertoire of support services for thinning hair.


Kat provides a thorough hair analysis option of the thinning hair and scalp with epigenetic swatch tests to get to the source of the problem of your hair loss. Once this is determined, Kat will know how to best recommend the plan you need, whether it’s a simple hair loss home hair care product or a more extended medical direction.


Kat also provides alternative options like Keratin fillers so your hair looks fuller immediately – one of Kat’s favorite go-to  solutions and the best hair loss Keratin fillers on the market. A last option for more  progressed hair loss is a customized topper piece that Kat can help with every step of the way.


Kat offers a caring and private space where your specific hair loss needs and budget are always cared for. She takes pride in her work and has a special place in her heart for her hair loss clients. As a member of the highly accredited American Hair Loss Council, she works with some of the world’s finest vendors, education and hair loss clinic and research centers in the world.


Book a hair loss consultation today and she can get you started!