Professional Hair Services in Folsom and San Francisco

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Kat’s motto is “Hair is the frame to your beautiful face.” Second to our smile, our hair is a critical part of our look—and one of the first things we see when we meet someone. At Kat Kern Hair Design, you’ll find a wide variety of professional hair services to choose from to enhance your natural attributes. From cut and style to color and extensions, our salon is able to give you the look you’ve always dreamed of.

Kat Kern specializes in the art of working with curly, fine, and thinning hair and will match your new style perfectly with your lifestyle, skin tone, and facial structure. Kat looks forward to meeting you and giving you an unforgettable new look. Book a salon appointment today to receive professional hair services in the Folsom and San Francisco area.


Professional Hair Cutting

What is professional hair cutting but an individualized art? Many have experience in cutting hair, but few are true connoisseurs of their artistic craft. Master hair artists have the ability to create awe-inspiring wonders with their hands, their minds, and their hearts—with regard to the unique canvas of each individual.

Kat Kern is a skilled hair artist helping her clients express the best version of themselves. Knowledgeable about how a haircut celebrates the hair’s natural flow, pattern, and character, her artistic work has been seen across the globe and showcases years of savvy expertise. She strives to always provide the right cut for a total look. Kat shows personalized signature consideration for the distinctive aspects of your facial shape, bone structure, and hair type to create a head-turning masterpiece.

Do you have CURLY HAIR? You’re in luck. Kat is Exceptionally gifted in curly and wavy dry hair cutting practices. Kat’s acquired knack allows her to provide a seamless precision haircut that accentuates one’s natural features. Tailored to your one-of-a-kind needs and desires, her professional hair cutting artistry is unmatched in the local industry. As a hairstylist who understands that one approach does not fit all textures, Kat’s developed curly hair cutting techniques help achieve the right control, custom shape, desired length, and enhanced movement of your hair’s structural curl/wave pattern.

Ready to discover an original style that is distinctly you? When superior service matters most, turn to a salon that guarantees high-end results and an experience of excellence each time. With 25 years of artistic experience in the business, Kat Kern Hair Design is here to provide professional hair cutting services at our convenient location in Granite Bay and Folsom, CA. Kat’s expressive specialties include polished and customized cuts for a clientele with curly, thinning, and fine hair.


Professional Hair Coloring

Are you one of the approximately 75 percent of women who will dye their hair during their lifetime? Whether your locks are a traditional shade or have experienced a plethora of hues on the unlimited hair color rainbow, many people around the world understand the uniquely refreshing nature of a new hue. Changing up your hair color allows ample opportunities for self-expression, revitalization, and creativity.

Coloring your hair is a real time commitment. Instead of tinkering with the fuss of boxed dyes and lackluster results, you can turn to professional hair coloring services to reach your aspired hair goals each time. Salon color is distinctively different because of the professional color process, offering personalized customization for the best-looking results. And it all starts with a one-on-one consultation with an experienced hair colorist.

Kat Kern is an experienced creative colorist. Here at Kat Kern Hair Design, she helps clients achieve their dream color with hair tinting, partial to full highlighting, and partial to full balayage services. Kat expertly applies color to enhance a client’s particular cut and facial features with master techniques. She takes into account numerous influential elements—such as hair color history, texture, health, current color, and natural hair type—to provide the professional hair coloring you seek.

Kat works to formulate the perfect custom shade to complement your total look with her knowledge of the latest industry trends and practices. By considering your hairstyle, lifestyle, and skin tone, she can masterfully advise on the ideal hair shade and coloring service to bring out the best of your locks.


Cut & Style

with shampoo and blow dry
Curly Haircuts


Partial to Full Balayage
Partial to Full Highlight
Color Blowdry
Condition Add-on Blowdryer
10 Minute Tints
Glazing / Toning

Hair Treatments

Conditioning Treatment
Keratin Express Smoothing Treatment
Lasts 6 weeks, Shampoo next day
Keratin Full Smoothing Treatment
Lasts 5 months, 72 hr wait to Shampoo