Professional Hair Services

Kat’s motto is “Hair is the frame to your beautiful face”. It is a critical part of our look and feel daily as well as a huge influence on your first impression when we meet someone. At Kat Kern Hair Design, you will find a variety of professional hair services to choose from to enhance your natural attributes with a style that perfectly fits with your lifestyle, skin tone and facial structure.

Kat looks forward to meeting and giving easily giving you the look you have been desiring to have, no matter what type of hair. She is trained and mastered in all and the most. Book today to receive your professional and superior hair services in both the Folsom and the San Francisco area.



Haircut & Blowdry woman

$100.00 ・ 1 hr
Skilled full cut or a trim with shampoo and Blowdry. Heavy Curls or wave cut is to be booked as a “curl cut” please. Long hair or lots of hair, please book add “extra cut time” to your service so we have time to dry fully etc.. 14 and older please. No children.

Haircut Mens

$75.00 ・ 45 min75.00
Skilled Vidal Sassoon based haircut. Straight or curls. Blow dry is not included. 14 and older. No children cuts available.

Curly/wavy Cut

$110.00 ・ 1 hr 30 min
Please arrive with your hair down and in its day to day curl state for a fabulous Kat Dry cut. This is my specialty service and my very best work. I am a Curl and wave specialist as well as a Certified DEVACURL haircutter. Your curls will behave better than ever as I will work with your unique curl and growth pattern for an easier and curl embracing wear. I will also help you find the best products and easy style options for your curls and waves. Shampoo and Dry finish ofcourse. Extra time is spent on this service for sure.

After Color Blowdry – long hair

$25.00 ・ 30 min

After color Blowdry – short hair

$15.00 ・ 15 min

Shampoo Blowdry & Style Long Hair

$75.00 ・ 1 hr

Curl/flat iron finish

$10.00 ・ 30 min

Bang Trim

$25.00 ・ 15 min



Keratin Smoothing Express

$180.00 ・ 45 min
Easier Manageability with this Conditioning and smoothing treatment where Keratin Protein is used to slightly loosen curl and promises to control frizz for up to 6 weeks. No shampoo wait time required for this service. Color can be done the same day. You will love this service for most any type of hair that is not bone straight. Pricing is for 2oz only. $50 for each additional ounce

Keratin Smoothing Full

$350.00 ・ 2 hr
Easier manageability with this Conditioning and smoothing treatment. Keratin Protein is used to loosen curl pattern, control frizz last up to 5 months. 72 hour shampoo wait time required for this service. Color can be done 1 week previous by. You will love this service for most any type of hair that is curly or wavy. Pricing is for 2oz if product used.

Keratin Smoothing Maximum

$375.00 ・ 2 hr 30 min
Coarse or unruly resistant hair will love this treatment. Maximum loosening of curl, waves and frizz for real easy manageability. No shampoo wait time. Lasts up to 5 months. Color can be done same day. Pricing is based on 2 ounce of product. $50 for each additional ounce.

Keratin Smoothing Texture for curls

$225.00 ・ 1 hr 30 min
For curly hair. Will not change texture of curls. Smooths frizz. Add strength and hydration to your curls. Lasts up to 3 months. No down time for shampooing . Color can be done same day. Pricing is based on 2oz only. $50 for each additional ounce.

Conditioning Treatment

$55.00 ・ 30 min
Amazing Aloxxi Deep condition and restorative treatment. 2 step process includes some heat for penetration Your hair will feel and act dramatically better immediately. Does not include Blowdry.


$150.00 ・ 1 hr 30 min

Hair Loss Consultation

$50.00 ・ 30 min
Price deducted from install service.



Tint Roots

$90.00 ・ 45 min
Hair Color just on the roots. Most often the grey.. but not always. Book a “full tint” if you need more than the roots done. blow dry is not included so book an after color blowdry.

Tint Full Head

$115.00 ・ 1 hr
Tint throughout entire head of hair. Often between foils for a whole color change or enhancement. Includes a quick dry.

Highlight Partial Head

$170.00 ・ 45 min
Foils of color or lighter. Most of head excluding the back nape area. Does not include a glaze for toning and filling. Please book an add glaze. Mandatory glaze will be added by kat if Lightner (bleach) is used rather than color. LIghtner is mandatory if highlighting over any tint already on hair. blow dry not included.

Highlight Full Head

$195.00 ・ 1 hr 30 min
Full Head of foils. Tint Color or Lightner..or both. Lowlights if needed are included in this. Don’t forget to book a tint if you need grey coverage on roots. Don’t forget to book an “add glaze if lighter is used. Lightner, rather than Tint Colo is mandatory when there is previous tint on the hair. Blow Dry NOT included.

Highlight Special Effect

$110.00 ・ 30 min
A little light around the face? Or maybe just a holdover Highlight for blending.. Book this for a 10 Foils or less service. Blow dry NOT included.


$55.00 ・ 30 min
Glazing by itself service. Important to do every 6-8 weeks when lighter highlights are in your hair or even just to brighten and polish before an event. A “,must” for perfect toning, filling, and shiny topcoat to your color. This service is so essential to color and hair integrity as well as giving your hair that high-end color finish. NOTE: Blowdry is not included with this service.

Pull through root tint

$35.00 ・ 15 min

Balayage Special Effect

$165.00 ・ 45 min
Just a few balayage pieces around the face . 8-10 painted pieces . Please book Add glaze as required to tone. Blow dry Not included. Book add blowdry

Balayage Partial Head

$250.00 ・ 1 hr
Half head Painted Pieces. Add glaze required.

Balayage Full Head

$300.00 ・ 1 hr 30 min
Beachy and sun kissed look where Lightner is used in a Specialized Technique of painting highlights. This service priced a little more as it allows you to go a long time between Highlight appointments due to a natural gradation of light throughout the hair. Don’t forget to book a mandatory add glaze” for this service. Long hair full glaze. Also book this for an “hombre “effect.